“… This was one of the most “intelligent” fantasy books I’ve read in recent memory, and half the time I felt like I was on some sort of spiritual literary acid trip (in a good way!) The way the action came together and all the characters, it kept me captivated, … my fingers were turning the pages like crazy! I had to see what would happen next … Lots of deep ideas here, and observations on humanity and the human condition even though the setting is vastly different form today’s world, it is very similar in a way, and relatable.  Was very cool how B. Muze took so many different ideas and manage to shape them into an entertaining and thought-provoking adventure, with both spiritual and physical transformations. I’d recommend this book for fans of epic Literary Fantasy, but it would also appeal to readers who like a mystical adventure with strong writing, endearing characters, and profoundly complex plot.”
Laura, Goodreads