In 2018 I released “The Shaman’s Apprentice” book 1 of the “Jovai” series to awards and rave reviews. In preparation for bringing out the rest of the series, I have now rereleased it with a new title and cover.

Neither Jovai nor her people ever wanted her to be a shaman. Yaku Shaman won’t let her be anything else. He forces Jovai to sacrifice every hope of the life she wants, until his people revolt against him. Barely escaping both her people and their enemies, rejected by the spirits, abandoned by her master, Jovai is left with nothing but her wits, alone in a war-torn world she barely understands. Targeted by enemies, both human and supernatural, Jovai’s only chance to survive and, hopefully, to save the people she loves, may be to die.

Original “The Shaman’s Apprentice”, book 1 of the “Jovai” series

Published in 2018, “The Shaman’s Apprentice” book 1 of the “Jovai” series won three international awards and was received with rave reviews. Readers quickly clamored for the next book.

“Jovai: The Vohee Song” book 1 of The Shaman’s Apprentice series

Officially launched 1 November 2023!

eBook version is currently available for FREE until 5 November 2023.
Paperback and eBook are both LIVE!
Audiobook is soon to be released.

Same story as “The Shaman’s Apprentice” book 1 of the “Jovai” series.
Jovai: The Vohee Song” Book 1 of The Shaman’s Apprentice series has been reformatted and has a new title and cover.

Cover by David Gardias

“Tying the Knots”

Available for readers of “Jovai: The Vohee Song” at the end of the book is a link to get a free chapter. This is a description of Jovai’s Kolvas wedding, and her wedding night. Not recommended for under 16 years old.


“Latohva: Dancing Light of the Kolvas” book 2 of The Shaman’s Apprentice series

The shaman’s apprentice has betrayed her master to build a life with the man she loves. She no longer seeks the spirits, but still they are irresistibly drawn to her, as is something far more horrifying. Jovai is faced with a heartbreaking choice: will she stay and watch her family and friends destroyed by a being of such immense evil that the entire world is gradually being annihilated by it, or should she try to draw it away by abandoning everyone she loves, never to return? The only other option is impossible. How can she, a failed shaman, dare to fight the insatiable demon-god who is hunting her? What chance could she have to conquer it, or even to survive?

Sample Chapters available at link below

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Cover by David Gardias