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Reader Reviews of “Jovai: The Vohee Song”
Book 1 of “The Shaman’s Apprentice” series

New Release!

In 2018 I released “The Shaman’s Apprentice” book 1 of the “Jovai” series to awards and rave reviews, with readers clamoring for the next book. As of March 20, 2023 (3-20-2023) this book is now re-released in paperback as
“Jovai: The Vohee Song” the first book of the “Shaman’s Apprentice” series. The eBook has been uploaded to Amazon and should be available soon, and I’m beginning production of the audiobook.

The second book in the “Shaman’s Apprentice” series, “Latovah: Kovlvas’ Flame” is scheduled to be released in Spring, 2023.

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